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Aston Spirit: great mics

Since a while I’ve been using 2 of these condenser microphones. The Aston Spirit has a switchable pattern. You can use the switch to select Omni, Cardioid or Figure-of-Eight.

The reviews are unanimous: these British made mics are a great bang for the buck. Tight low end, warm and full mids and a beautiful round high end. Perfect for vocals and acoustic guitars, for instance. I like ’em for drums as well.

Drums: the effect heads have

I truly love recording drums. A well-tuned drumkit in the right space gives that magical drumsound. Capturing that sound is the greatest. Tuning is not the absolute secret though, because the heads you’re using have a huge impact on your sound.

In this clip you can hear different heads (from several brands) on a snaredrums. Try wearing a headphone to hear the more subtle differences.

Magic in music

Despite all technical stuff, the real magic happens in front (or behind if you will) the microphone. Brilliant musicians and brilliant songs really hit you. They give you a vibe, energy, goosebumps and more of that.

If there is any performance that gives me goosebumps, it must be this phenomenal version of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart) with Jason Bonham (yes, he’s the son of John) on drums. Even on crappy laptop speakers this clip is a guarantee for goosebumps. And it’s not just me. Just see how Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are touched by this performance.

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