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Recording drums is one of my specialties. Besides being a drummer myself, I have the mics and the experience dealing with the room and a little crosstalk here and there. Great room sound is an absolute addition to your drums, but what to do in a crappy sounding room? And how about crosstalk? I help people to get great drum recordings. Are you looking for some help with your drum recordings? Contact me and let’s talk!

The right gear for your drum recordings

I can get the gear you need for the sound you want. A vintage Ludwig kit with a boomy 24″ kick for instance. But a supertight Pearl kit for your metal recordings is not a problem either. You want to use your own kit? Sure, I’ll help you tune it to get it to sound exactly the way you want it.


One of the instruments that play a major role in any recording, is the snaredrum. You can always use my 14×6,5″ Ludwig Black Beauty (hammered), my 14×6,5″ Ludwig LM402 (hammered) or my wooden 14×7,25″ Sonor snaredrum. I can get you any other model if you like.

Want me to record drum tracks for your songs?

Sure, I’d love to record the drums for your music. Send me the tracks, we’ll discuss sound and style and I’ll record it for you. Prices start at €50,- per song.

Drum editing

Are you in need of some cleaned up drumtracks? My weapon of choice is Pro Tools. I’m fast and I can edit your drums exactly the way you want it. Contact me for more info.