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Did you have your music recorded and mixed? The final step before publishing is mastering your music.

Mastering: the final touch

Mastering audio is all about the final touch to your music. Get the level straight for the medium you want, correcting mix balance issues and generally making your mix more solid. Besides that, during mastering I also take care of the cohesion between the songs. So the levels and sonic characteristics are equal.

A little bit of everything

During the mastering process I use a little bit of everything. Limiting, compression, added EQ, whatever is necessary to get that unique sparkle to your mix. Once I’m done, your music can be distributed online or on physical sound carriers. You just have to wait for all the money to appear on your bank account!

Mastering for a fair price

Mastering prices start at €35,- per song. Get in touch for a tailor-made quote.