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Allright, the tracks are supercharged and the mics are on. Now you have to make sure your performance is full of soul. Let’s record your song, EP, album or whatever you want.

Recording space: the right room for the job

I don’t have my own recording space, but I do have a Rolodex full of cool, great sounding spaces where I can record your music analog or digitally. No just kidding, it’s not an actual Rolodex. But trust me, I know a space for every budget.

Recording music at your location

Do you have a cool space or rehearsal place we can use? Cool, I’ll bring my mobile recording set. I like recording music in new spaces. Let’s see if we can use the room to our advantage. I’ll be mixing your music later in my mixroom.

Recording drums

All kinds of technology has made recording easier and affordable for all artists. Recording drums still is a special process. I can help you get great drum recordings.

Let’s work together

That’s right, let’s work together and make great music. There’s always a way, get in touch and we’ll talk about the options.